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Border formalities
A valid passport or other personal identification document is needed to enter Croatia. For vehicles: the vehicle license, the green insurance card and the written authorization of the owner if the car is driven by another person.

Customs formalities
Tourists arriving in Croatia may bring in their personal luggage without any limitations. Technical equipment, cameras, camping equipment, vessels and radio equipment should be declared on entry. The following items can be imported duty-free up to the stated quantities: 200 cigarettes (or 50 cigars or 0,25 kg of tobacco), 1l of spirits 0,051 of perfume. There are no limitations on the amount of foreign currency brought in or taken out by foreign citizens. They can bring into Croatia a maximum of 2.000 Croatian kuna. Pets (dogs, cats, etc.) can be brought in· a valid yellow intentional health passport is required together with a certificate of vaccination, especially against rabies.

Personal documents
For visits not exceeding 30 days an identification document is needed, together with permission to pass - obtainable at the border. A passport is valid for satys up to 3 months. Children under 16 years may enter Croatia with a children's' identification card. Children under 5 years of age may enter the country if entered in a a parent's passport (& photo).

Driving regulations and driving licenses
Driving license, driving permission for vehicle, vehicle license international motor insurance "green card", comprehensive insurance is recommended to all travelers.

Special traffic regulations
School buses may not be overtaken while stationary - when passenger are getting on and off the bus. When overtaking another vehicle the turn signal must be on. Overtaking a queue of vehicles is not permitted. When towing a vehicle it is obligatory to mark the front and the rear of vehicle with a triangle, showing clearly that the vehicle is being towed. Every road accident should be reported to the Police. Vehicles with significant damage may leave the country only if a written damage certificate has been Issued. All vehicles must be equipped with a set of spare lamps. The maximum allowable limit of alcohol in blood is 0.05%

Tourist tax
Tourists staying at tourist resorts pay a visitors tax (daily).

Sailing on the Adriatic
Foreign sports craft (up to 3 m long and with an engine of less then 4 kW) can sail and
be anchored in the coastal and inland waters without permit.

Money can be exchanged at the official exchange offices (banks, post offices, hotels, travel agencies) at the current rate of exchange. The rate varies and is set periodically (daily). Credit cards (Diners, American Express, Eurocard) and Eurocheques (where indicated) are also accepted.

Postal services
HPT (Hrvatska posta i telekomunikacije) provides all types of mail, telephone, telegraph fax, express mail and post office savings services.
Telephoning: dial directly with the following code numbers

Austria 0043
Belgium 0032
Czech Republic and Slovakia 0042
Denmark 0045
France 0033
Italy 0039
Hungary 0036
Netherlands 0031
Germany 0049
Poland 0048
Switzerland 0041

220 V, 50 Hz.

Important telephone numbers

Police 92
Fire brigade 93
Emergency medical assistance 94
Emergency road service 987
Emergency services 112
Coast guadr 9155
Public emergency centre 985
Exchange rates 9864
TV program 9865
News 060 440 440
Croatia airlines 060 300 300
Weather forecast & road conditions 060 520 520
International operator 901
International directory assistance 902
General information 981
Information about telephone numbers 988
Exact Time 95
Semiautomatic wake-up call 9100
Sending telegrames by phone 96

For emergency service on the road dial: 987
Round the clock information on road and traffic conditions from:

HAK - Croatian Automobile Club
10000 Zagreb
tel. +385 (1) 415-800
fax: +385 (1) 415-800
telex 22155

Republic holidays
January 1, May 1, May 30, June 22, August 15 and December 25 - 26.
Non-working days: January 6 - 7, Easter Monday, Ramadan-Bayram, November 1.

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