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died at sea

September 14, 1832 Ivan Mavro (died in waters near Trieste)
February 01, 1835 Petar Brnetic (drowning)
January 01, 1836 Ivan Garofolo (died somewhere in the Black Sea)
  Dominik Grandic (died somewhere in the Black Sea)
January 12, 1839 Matij Paulina (died in waters near Salona)
June 24, 1839 Dominik Rasol (drowning near Silba)
November 08, 1852 Vicko Matesic (drowning)
  Antun Matesic (drowning)
September 23, 1859 Dominik Gaspic (fall from mast)
March 22, 1860 Dominik Sambunjak (drowning near Zapuntel)
  Ivan Juric (drowning near Zapuntel)
  Antun Matulina (drowning near Zapuntel)
  Matij Petito (drowning near Zapuntel)
  Dominik Supicic (drowning near Zapuntel)
June 28, 1860 Simun Matulina (drowning)
September 07, 1864 Frane Matesic (drowning in Danube river)
November 07, 1867 Josip Garofolo (died in Black Sea)
  Antun Supicic (died in Black Sea)
  Zamarija Barbic (died in Black Sea)
  Frane Nakic (died in Black Sea)
  Josip Matulina (died in Black Sea)
  Danijel Matulina (died in Black Sea)
February 02, 1869 Marija Silvestric (drowning near Olib)
May 19, 1869 Ivan Mikeli (died while on military ship "Radecki")
April 22, 1870 Dominik Petito (drowning in Danube river)
July 14, 1873 Ivan Rumac (drowning in Danube river)
October 15, 1873 Konstantin Matesic (drowning near Gruz)
October 05, 1876 Josip Supicic (drowning)
December 05, 1880 Karlo Baroni (drowning near Zemun)
January 31, 1881 Ilija Maras (drowning)
October 20, 1881 Zaharija Brnetic (drowning)
1882 Antun Bacilo (drowning in Danube river)
June 14, 1883 Ivan Rosic (drowning near Silba)
February 22, 1886 Eugen Vlasic (fall from mast)
March 17, 1886 Antun Trigaric (drowning between Silba and Olib)
March 29, 1890 Zamarija Bogdanic (drowning)
January 03, 1891 Lujo Supicic (drowning near Silba)
March 31, 1894 Ivan Brusic (drowning near Silba)
December 31, 1896 Simun Sindicic (drowning near island of Ist)
February 06, 1898 Ivan Bonicioli (drowning near the island of Ilovik)
  Ivan Petito (drowning near the island of Ilovik)
February 15, 1899 Ernest Ventura (fall from mast near London)
December 12, 1900 Ivan Gasparovic (fell into the sea after being hit by sails)
November 22, 1906 Zaharija Supicic (went to Krapanj with small boat and never returned)
April 05, 1917 Ivan Paulina (drowning between Silba and Olib)
  Zamarija Rasol (drowning between Silba and Olib)
August 18, 1918 Henrik Bogdanic (died in waters of Albania)
December 04, 1920 Antun Lovrovic (died near Bozava)
January 22, 1926 Ivan Kanelic (drowning)
May 23, 1932 Josip Brnetic (drowning near Orebic)
December 05, 1932 Andrija Sambunjak (drowning near Olib)
  Ivan Lovrovic (drowning near Olib)
August 22, 1936 Antun Bernic (drowning near Silba)
March 08, 1942 Petar Lazarin (died in American waters)
December 04, 1957 Antun Ivancic (died in waters near Sardinia)
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