Web site management, performance and development  information 

The technical crew at 9 Net Avenue have created this Guide for your personal use, making your stay with 9 Net Avenue more convenient and providing you with easy to use services. This Guide is here to facilitate you with building your web site and providing the necessary tools to test the server components.

The source codes, links to important web sites, tutorials, and references have been supplied for you, which you may download or browse at your leisure.

The purpose for this Guide is to educate our customers on issues that concern them, offer easy to use steps for resolving their questions, and provide the best quality of services. This Guide is a means for all our Customers to find quick, easy, and correct solutions for their technical concerns.

We are here to assist you with all your needs and questions.

This is a default index.htm page.  It should be replaced by your custom home page in future.  When you will replace this page with your own the copy will be stored for your future references in the folder reference.  All examples are located in your home directory. If they work, then it means - your site operates properly and ready to use CGI scripts, Front Page Extensions and Active Server Pages.

We are not responsible for the third party software or offer technical support for it.  Refer to our FAQ's or software vendor if you require technical support on the products or software that was not developed by our company.