Useful links about Web Development and site management

Useful Links

Get Started with NT FAQs
Technical FAQ
FrontPage FAQ
FrontPage on Microsoft web site
Cold Fusion Studio & Server home page on Allaire web site
Site Builder Network on Microsoft Web Site
Creating Killer Interactive Web Site

Online libraries

Full HTML reference on World Wide Web Consortium Website
Library for the creation of CGI Programs in C Online
Perl 5.0 CGI Library

CGI scripts & ASP pages

Most often asked "ASP mail" and other professional ASP tools
Web scripts - Perl CGI scripts and log analysis tools: WebLog, WebMapper, WebBBS, WebSearch and more.
Web Development Center - resources for Java, CGI and PERL programming services. training links and tools.

Ask Microsoft

VBScript - Get Started, Tutorial, Reference, FAQ's and more
JScript - Get Started, Tutorial, Reference, FAQ's and more
Download VBScript Documentation
Download VBScript Documentation
Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting Edition version 5.0
Microsoft® JScript® version 5.0
Install Microsoft Scripting Engines Version 3.1
Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01